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Women's pink equipment

Our new line of pink equipment is here!

Check it out, our new pink leather equipment is in. We have two sizes of boxing gloves for the little girls to go along with our woman's size gloves. Our new pink headgear is awesome, its fully adjustable with Velcro straps and it even comes with a removable face guard. We also have three types of pink leather focus mitts and yes even pink grappling gloves. 


Children's Pink Leather Boxing Gloves -$39.99

out of stock

Our new Pink Leather Children's Gloves. These gloves are made of cowhide leather and have Velcro wrist straps They are six ounces. * They are for kids 3 - 7 years old.


Little Girls Pink Leather Boxing Gloves -$39.99

Our new Pink Little Girls Gloves. These gloves are made of cowhide leather and have Velcro wrist straps They are 8 ounces. * They are for kids 8 - 12 years old.


Women's Pink Leather Boxing Gloves - $44.99

12 or 14 ounce

Woman's pink leather boxing gloves. These gloves have a thick Velcro wrist strap. They are made of cowhide leather and are slightly smaller than our other adult gloves.

* The ages listed above are to be used as a rough guide. It really depends how big your kids hands are.

Pink Leather Curved Focus Mitts -$44.99

out of stock

These pink mitts are curved and made of cowhide leather. They do not have a strap but stay firmly on your hand. Firm padding.

Pink Long Focus Mitts $44.99

These long mitts are made of cowhide leather and have a Velcro strap. These mitts have softer padding than our other pink mitts.

Pink Leather Focus Mitts -$44.99

These traditional style pink mitts are made of cowhide leather and have a Velcro wrist strap. They have a medium firm padding.


Pink Leather Headgear - $44.99

Our quality pink headgear is made of cowhide leather. This headgear offers full chin protection as well as padding in back and on top of the head. There is Velcro on the back along with three other wings with long Velcro straps making it very adjustable. The headgear comes with a removable face guard that easily attaches with six Velcro straps. This is an excellent head guard with or without the shield. This headgear is size medium and very adjustable.


Pink Leather Mixed Martial Arts Gloves - $34.99

Our pink grappling gloves are size extra small and are made of cowhide leather. They have a long Velcro wrist strap.


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