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There are many different names for knives these days like lock back, liner lock, tactical, and folding knives. They are probably the most handy tool that you can carry in your pocket. Some folding tactical knives are so small that you would hardly know you were carrying one. Whether you are working on a boat, on a farm, or doing any other labor intensive job you probably use your knife all of the time, or you wish that you had one. But folding and liner lock knives are also handy for everyday activities, not just for work. You should always bring a tactical folding knife along on a vacation, fishing trip, or just keep a spare in the the car in case of an emergency. Folding tactical knives are also good for self defense. Whatever you need your folding knife for, you can get one at a great price right here at Fight Products.

Please check your local, state and federal laws before ordering.



Folding Metal Training Knife - $15.99

Folding liner lock training knife with dull edge.

metal folding training knife

A very realistic training knife with a blunt round edge and a flattened blade surface.

Blue Slasher Folding Tactical Knife - $8.50

blue handle knife


Hook Lock Back Knife - $4.50

hook lock back knife

Side Lock Folding Knife - $8.50

side lock knife

Gun Metal Silver Tanto - $11.99

Tom Anderson Valkyre - $8.50

Electric Blue Folding Tactical Knife - $8.50



Tom Anderson Termite Lock Back folder - $8.50

tom anderson linerlock knives


Tom Anderson  Diablo Folding Liner Lock Knife - $8.50

tom anderson diablo

Tom Anderson Aquanaunt Folding Knife - $11.99

tom anderson tactical folding knives


Tom Anderson Cyborg Knife - $11.99

tom anderson knives

 Tanto Folder - $8.50

tanto folding knives


Jaguar Titanium Rainbow Treatment Knife With Hook - $8.50

rainbow color treated

Jaguar Aluminum Handle Knife With Hook - $8.99

aluminum folding knife


MTech Assassin Liner Lock Folder Knife - $11.99

mtech assassin


MTech Jaws Folding Tactical Knife- $11.99

mtech tactical folders


MTech Green Handle Black Blade Folding Knife - $11.99

mtech folding knives

MTech Gr. Handle Tanto Liner Lock - $11.99

out of stock

Mtech tactical folder


MTech Gr. Handle Fat Blade -$11.99

MTech Magnum Folder - $11.99


MTech Kerambit Folding Linerlock Knife - $11.99

Mtech tactical folding knife

MTech Hook Folding Knife - $11.99

m tech folding tactical knife


MTech Slim Tanto Folding Knife - $11.99

m-tech liner lock

MTech Faux Damascus Knife - $11.99

mtech folding knife


MTech Stubby Liner Lock Folder - $11.99

MTech Ultimate Combat Folder - $11.99


Firefighters tactical knife - $8.50

Police Task Force knife - $8.50


Wood Insert Folder - $5.50

Wood Insert Super Knife - $11.99

comes with sheath


Fire Fighter Black Folder - $7.50


Wood Grip Black Coated - $11.99


Gold Handle Half Serrated - $8.50

Silver Metal Hook - $8.50


Rigid Journeyman Knife - $7.99

Rigid Skeleton Folder - $8.99


Police Rescue Knife - $14.99

Smith and Wesson Liner Lock $11.99


Remington Camo folding Knife - $14.99

Gerber Fatty - $14.99

out of stock



more knives coming soon

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