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All About Focus Mitts - Focus mitts, or coach's gloves from Fight Products will make a great addition to your boxing or martial arts collection. Focus mitts are an excellent training accessory for kids and adults, beginners and professionals. 

All About Martial Arts Headgear - It is important to protect yourself when fighting, training, or participating in martial arts. One of the most important pieces of protective gear is headgear. Wearing headgear while boxing or training can reduce yours and your training partner's risk of injury by softening and dispersing blows to the head and face.

Rubber Training Knives - Fight Products is at the moment offering six different  rubber training knives. They are realistic looking, have good weight, and are bendable to avoid injuries.  Training with a rubber knife is a great way to practice knife fighting without getting injured.

Boxing Hand Wraps, Supports and Bandages - Boxing hand wraps, discount bandages and supports for wrists ankles and knees.

Boxing Speed Bags - There are several basic accessories to help you improve your boxing and martial arts skills. One of these is the boxing speed bag. Fight Products is pleased to offer our customers boxing speed bags that are good quality for low prices.

Boxing Training Equipment and Sparring Bags - If you are interested in the sport of boxing, the best way to begin training is to have the right boxing training equipment. Fight Products is pleased to offer good quality boxing equipment punching bags, boxing gloves, and cheap sparring gear for very reasonable prices.

Boxing Gloves - Fight Products is now offering three types of boxing gloves. For both kids and adults, we have our discount vinyl boxing gloves that come in an assortment of sizes. We also have two styles of quality leather boxing gloves for adults.

Child Boxing Gloves - If your child is interested in perfecting his boxing skills, he will need child boxing gloves. Fight Products offers kids boxing gloves to young boxers everywhere. For the younger child who is just a beginner, consider the 12-ounce boxing gloves. If you are looking for boxing gloves for a teen, try our 14 -ounce boxing gloves.

Bag Gloves - Buy quality leather bag gloves to use for your heavy bag, speed bag, focus mitts or training pads.

Contact Fight Products - Fight Products, p.o. box 1093, West Tisbury, MA.02575, 1-508-693-2351

Crossbows - 50 lb. crossbow with arrows, and crossbow accessories.

Filling Instructions For Heavy Bags - Put some sand in a trash bag and roll it into a ball. Use a few trash bags to make it extra strong. Put the sand bag at the bottom of the heavy bag and fill with shredded clothes. You can line the inside of the heavy bag with foam or carpet to make it smooth and not lumpy.

Focus Mitts - At Fight Products we always sell our Focus Mitts in pairs.

Sparring Gear - We are introducing our new line of Sparring Gear. This style of sparring equipment is gaining popularity with the rise of peoples interest in the martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kick Boxing.

Shin Instep Pads - We have two different shin instep pads to offer. The first pair is made of vinyl with a dense foam padding and the second pair is made of cowhide leather. Both pairs are very well made.

Folding Tactical Knives - Advance your self-defense skills to a new level by learning personal hand-to-hand combat with tactical folding knives. Tactical folding knives are specifically designed and manufactured for self-defense. The blade folds back into the handle and can be opened quickly using one hand with a thumb stud. Folding tactical knives also include blade locks to prevent the blade from accidentally closing and harming the owner.

Fixed Blade Knives - Fight Products is now offering fixed blade knives along with our inventory of fighting products and weapons. We will be adding lots of fixed blade, military, hunting, neck knives and more to this page real soon. Please add us to your favorites and check back soon to see our inventory.

Hardwood Training Weapons - Come see our inventory of wooden weapons. We have different sizes of wooden training knives and swords like our 11.5 inch Tanto, our 22 inch Shoto, and our 40 inch Daito. All are made out of red oak and have a natural finish.

Headgear For Fighting - Get a great deal on these vinyl headgear.

Heavy Bags - Get a great deal on these unfilled heavy bags. These heavy bags are not filled and do not come with filling.

Fight Products Homepage - The Fight Products homepage is your portal on the internet for martial arts fighting accessories.

Kids Boxing Equipment - Fight Products is pleased to offer kids boxing equipment at discount prices. It is a great idea to start your kids out early in boxing or the martial arts. Kids boxing gloves are probably the first piece of boxing equipment you should consider.

Children's Martial Arts Equipment - Welcome to our new kids martial arts page. We know how important it is to get your kids started out in the martial arts. We also know how important it is to have the right equipment. We are offering many different items for the young martial artist, so check out what we have in stock.

Kids Karate Uniforms - These children's karate uniforms are size 0000. They will fit a child from 2'9" to 3'. That is two foot nine inches to three feet tall. They come complete with the jacket, pants and white belt.

Adult Package Deals - Whether you are into boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, mui tai, karate or taekwondo you can get a great deal on one of our packages that suites your needs.

Tae Kwon Do and Karate Sparring Gear - With the rapid rise in peoples interest in the martial arts, many kids and adults alike are taking up arts like Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Unlike boxing, both Tae kwon Do and Karate lets you use other techniques such as kicks and sweeps. It is very important to use the right sparring gear when training.

Kickboxing Equipment - Fight Products is happy to offer kickboxing equipment to our list of boxing, martial arts and sparring gear. 

Medicine Balls - These medicine balls are weighted with sand and have a very durable vinyl cover. They have a textured surface similer to a basketball for excellent grip. We have 10 12 and 15 pound medicine balls.

Links To Other Fight Related Pages - Some excellent martial arts and fighting websites.

Mixed Martial Arts Gloves And Supplies - In order to train in the sport of mixed martial arts, you are going to need the right mixed martial arts supplies, including mixed martial arts gloves. Fight Products offers mixed martial arts gloves for beginning and advanced students in martial arts. These gloves are perfect for any kind of martial arts training, including jiu-jitsu, grappling, mixed martial arts, and more! Best of all, our prices on mixed martial arts supplies are unbeatable.

Grappling Gloves - Bag gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, and grappling gloves at low prices.

Fight Products Ordering Information - We accept checks, money orders or credit cards.  If paying by credit card, just use our shopping cart.  It goes through Paypal and is fast and secure.

Rubber Training Knives - Great prices on rubber training knives for martial arts.

Shipping Prices - Current rates for shipping of our mail order fight supplies.

Speed Balls and Speed Bags - Check out our low prices.

Tactical Folding Knives - Discount prices on folding knives.

Training Shields - Check out our iisports training shields.

Clothing - Our own line of fight wear. Check out our martial arts clothes.

Airsoft Guns - Airsoft guns are a great new product and they can be used in many different ways. They are built to scale and are very realistic looking. You can use an air-soft gun in your martial arts training or use one for theatre. Some people collect gun replicas while other people like to play army, cops and robbers, or any scenario where a gun would be used.

Used Gear, Factory Seconds, and Defects - Training in boxing and mixed martial arts will help improve your physical fitness.  You can also enhance your self confidence by building your self defense skills.  Buying training equipment can become expensive though, if you buy all new gear.  Fight Products is happy to offer the option of buying used equipment, so anyone can afford to begin training.

Martial Arts Boxing and Self Defense Books - We are offering both new and used books on boxing, self defense, weapons and anything fight related. So if are looking for books on Karate, Judo, Jui jitsu, Aikido, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do or any other martial arts, check back often to see our growing collection.

Dvd's and Videos - New and used boxing and mixed martial arts videos. We have many Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as Pride and other events. Check out our selection.


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