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Advance your self-defense skills to a new level by learning personal hand-to-hand combat with tactical folding knives. Tactical folding knives are specifically designed and manufactured for self-defense. The blade folds back into the handle and can be opened quickly using one hand with a thumb stud. Folding tactical knives also include blade locks to prevent the blade from accidentally closing and harming the owner.

Fight Products offers several folding tactical knives to our customers. Visit us often to see our latest selection.

Modern Features Of Tactical Folding Knives

Tactical folding knives, also known as lock backs, or liner locks have a couple of modern features that have become popular since the late 80's to early 90's. A modern feature that many people enjoy is the thumb stud in the blade that makes it easier to push the knife open with the thumb. Pocket clips also have become quite popular for tactical folding knives due to the quick access they allow if needed in an emergency.

Sharpening Tactical Folding Knives

You can sharpen tactical folding knives by holding them at 22 degrees for a sharp knife or 12-15 degrees for a very sharp knife. The type of sharpening stone used can also affect the sharpness of the blade. Many prefer to use a clamp-style system that has pre-defined angles to ensure accurate sharpening.

Traditional stones can be used to sharpen tactical folding knives and they are known as Arkansas stones, which come in soft (coarse) and hard (fine) varieties. Some prefer to use ceramic stones due to the fact that they do not wear like natural stones and they do not require oil like the Arkansas stone does.

When sharpening tactical folding knives you may require oil to lift the metal dust off of the stone. Ceramic stones do not require oil as they can be cleaned with detergent.

When you are done sharpening a tactical folding knife you may want to use a technique called “stropping.” This is performed with a leather strap that has abrasive compounds in it. This can be used on a tactical folding knife that is still sharp, but not as sharp as it once was.

Find The Lowest Prices on Folding Knives

Purchase your folding tactical knives from Fight Products' secure online store today. And remember, in order to purchase tactical folding knives from Fight Products, one must be 21 years of age or older. We are always adding to our inventory so check often to see our growing selection of knives.

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Tactical Folding Knives

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