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There are several basic accessories to help you improve your boxing and martial arts skills. One of these is the boxing speed bag. Fight Products is pleased to offer our customers boxing speed bags that are good quality for low prices.

Fight Products offers two kinds of boxing speed bags. Our single boxing speed bags are hung with the included swivel that allows it to spin 360 degrees. Our double speed bags, or speed balls as some people call them, can be suspended between two bungee cords almost anywhere. Training with boxing speed bags is a great way to develop better hand and eye coordination, and also helps to improve your reflexes and accuracy.

High Quality Boxing Speed Bags, Low Prices

If you would like to order one of the boxing speeds bags that Fight Products offers at very affordable prices, do so today on our secure website. We process all of our orders as soon as we receive them, so you will have your speed bags in no time.

Why use a boxing speed bag?

Using a speed bag can greatly enhance your rhythm, hand-eye coordination, and increase your punching skills. If used on a regular basis you will see a difference in the speed and accuracy of the punches you deliver. Proper use of the boxing speed bag is quite important and here are a few tips to help you along the way. The belly (the lower part of the bag ) should be level with your mouth or nose. When using your boxing speed bag you want to start out with slow, controlled punches. As you get better you can gradually increase the speed at which you are punching. You want to maintain a rhythm and keep the bag moving.   Boxing speed bag training can also be combined with other workouts to enhance your boxing skill even further. Many people choose to use a stationary bicycle underneath the boxing speed bag . You can practice peddling while keeping the speed bag going to increase your endurance, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

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Boxing Speed Bags
Boxing Speed Bags


Boxing Speed Ball
Boxing Speed Ball

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