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Airsoft guns are a great new product and they can be used in many different ways. They are built to scale and are very realistic looking. You can use an air-soft gun in your martial arts training or use one for theatre. Some people collect gun replicas while other people like to play army, cops and robbers, or any scenario where a gun would be used. You can imagine the hours of fun you can have. While there are lots of people having a blast shooting each other while playing these games, we at Fight Products have to legally mention that you should never point or shoot your airsoft gun at a person or animal. 

It is very important to wear safety goggles while playing with your gun. Airsoft guns come with orange painted tips and legally you are suppose to leave the orange marking on the gun so that it will not be mistaken for a real gun.  

We cannot ship air soft guns to Canada, New York State, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or the Virgin Islands. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase an air-soft gun and buy ordering an airsoft gun you are agreeing that you are at least 21 years old.

We are offering discount air-soft pistols, quality heavy weight pistols, and airsoft rifles. Check back often to see our latest inventory.

45 Style Black Airsoft Pistol - $5.99

45 style black spring pistol.

out of stock

45 Style Airsoft Pistol Silver - $5.99

45 style silver spring pistol.

out of stock

P-99 Airsoft Pistol - $8.99

P-99 spring pistol. One of the best gun designs.

out of stock

Secret Agent Pocket 9 - $9.99

Lightweight Pocket 9. A very cool little gun.

out of stock

Beretta Brigadier - $8.99

Lightweight Baretta Brigadier air soft spring pistol. Comes with removable clip. Very realistic looking gun.

out of stock

Quality Heavy Weight Beretta pistol - $19.99

This is a quality heavy weight gun. These heavyweight airsoft pistols are more powerful than the lightweight ones and are better made.

out of stock

Electric P-99 pistol - $15.99

Electric airsoft pistol has semi auto and full automatic modes. It blows back with every round. Requires 4 AAA batteries not included.

out of stock

M42 UZI with Accessories - $ 19.99

This uzi is very powerful and comes with faux silencer, electronic crosshair, laserpointer, foldable stock and extra long clip. Batteries included.

out of stock

Full Stock Shotgun - $15.99

A full stock shotgun at a great price. Holds lots of ammo in reservoir.

out of stock

Assault Shotgun and Pistol - $19.99

The best airsoft shotgun I have ever shot. It even comes with a little pistol.


Pump Action Riot Gun with Laser - $19.99

A great shotgun that come with a laser and a removable clip.

out of stock

Goggles - $4.99

An absolute necessity. You must wear safety goggles while playing with your guns. 

Airsoft Gun Ammo .12 Gram - $7.50

2000 count .12 gram airsoft ammo speed loader bottle. Works great for loading rifles and shotguns.

Airsoft Gun Ammo .20 Gram - $9.99

2000 count .20 gram air soft ammo speed loader bottle. Works great for loading rifles and shotguns.


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