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Fight Products is at the moment offering six different rubber training knives. They are realistic looking, have good weight, and are bendable to avoid injuries.  Training with a rubber knife is a great way to practice knife fighting without getting injured.  Metal and hard wood training knives are good training accessories, but they can easily cause bad injuries to your hands, ribs and eyes.  Training with a rubber training knife lets you take it to a higher level without as much risk of injury.  Order one for $7.00 or order two for $12.99  Here are some training exercises for rubber training knives.

Rubber training knife exercise #1

Start off standing about five feet from your training partner.  Switch off who gets the training knife so you can both practice offense and defense.  Start slowly by practicing thrusts and slashes.  Pick up the pace and intensity accordingly.

Rubber training knife exercise #2

Next try both having rubber knives.  This exercise will let both you and your training partner think about offense and defense at the same time. 

Rubber training knife exercise #3

This exercise can be done either standing up or on the ground.  Both you and your partner should hold a training knife in your right hand while your left hand should be around your partner's right wrist. Try this exercise while switching which hand hold the rubber knife, and also while in different positions on the ground.                                                                                                                                                                    

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